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About Us

Foji Sports is an International Business-to-Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce business that mainly focuses on women’s active wear as well as kid’s sporty wear (both male and female). Foji Sports mainly targets the South of Africa, Middle East of Africa, Europe and America along with other consumer markets. The brand was found in 2017, and has since then upheld the philosophy that ‘sports apparel is anything but the past and everything the future holds’, and that ‘confidence is not just found in working-out but in what you’re wearing in a work-out’. Hence our Slogan “Don’t Stop”. We know that your confidence is found inside-out, “Don’t Stop” discovering it.

Foji Sports is a multinational web store that caters to all women and is engaged in sales and marketing of fitnesswear, beachwear, waist trainers, gym equipment and sneakers on a Global scale. The company was founded in April 2017 and was then fully executed and launched in the Spring of 2020 under quarantine during the biggest pandemic in world history, the ‘Corona Pandemic’. The brand attends to a strong modern woman who in her spare time simply likes keeping fit and enjoys a quick work-out; and also to kids and their sporty school days and cute sporty lifestyles.

Foji Sports is for every body type and shape, it is for those sweaty days at the gym, a getaway to the park or long distance road-trips because the fabric is so stretchy, sweat-proof and amazingly soft on the skin. It’s colors are for every Season and every mood because the brand knows that color is every girl’s best friend. Our colors strive in bringing out a woman’s confidence from inside out since just looking good alone is not nearly enough, a woman needs to ‘Feel’ good, hence their Slogan – “Don’t Stop” which simply translates to a woman’s inner confidence that continues to evolve the more in tune she is with her inner being. Foji Sports brings out a woman’s inner confidence from the inside through their different, modern, strong, colorful and flexible Sportswear.

Our Mission

Foji Sports prides itself in offering the latest sports gear trends to women and their cubs all over the world, that won’t leave your bank airy. We strive on being the one-stop-shop for the modern woman and kid who loves exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Foji Sports adheres to the concept that ‘Your confidence is found inside-out “Don’t Stop” discovering it.