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About Our Brand

Millionaire-Queen Swimwear is a beachwear brand that was established on April fools 2021 by Asanda Foji, and it aims at making every woman more confident in their skin like they have never been, hence our slogan: “As Bold As You Can Be”.



“The name ‘Millionaire-Queen’ came to my mind like a switch of a light-bulb literally, and my heart started racing and in normal situations when that happens you know you’ve found the one (in anything), so I instantaneously knew it was the one” Asanda states. It was at this moment that i came to the realization that I AM simply amazing, I’m unimaginably blessed and irregardless where I come from I also have what it takes to be a Millionaire someday soon. I found out right then and there that i had extreme potential and felt sorry i had not known that sooner.




‘Foji Sports’ wanted to solely focus on sportswear and not beach wear, as a result their swimwear line was put aside as an independent brand and therefore renamed to the famous name: “Millionaire-Queen Swimwear”. But considering it is still a ‘Foji Sports’ product, the newly named swimwear line also has a home in the Foji Sports Website.


Temp. Tatoos


We aim at being every  woman’s voice, to boost a woman’s confidence hence our Slogan “A Bold As You”; and to help them understand that being a Millionaire Queen does not necessarily mean having millions of cash in your bank account but knowing your value and worth as a woman, how absolutely amazing you are, that no one can ever be you, you are gorgeous and you need not seek no validation from no one, you are a rock and not a small girl but a great woman with purpose, knowing that you are a diamond and your value is way much more than any money can buy, you’re Powerful and you shine Queen, your body is uniquely and fearfully made, you’re different and  beautiful inside outNever accepting less than all the above-  Makes You Are A Millionaire Queen.


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