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Women’s sportswear in the moldering world.

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Our Motto - “Don't


Trendy Sportswear Styles!

For Sports Women Everywhere.

Created from Extra-flexible, Organic materials that will blow you away at the touch.

Our Women testify that we sell very affordable great quality products compared to all our competitors. What can we say; We Aim To Please!


Millionaire-Queen Swimwear is a Foji Sports beachwear brand aimed at accentuating the Boldness of a woman every time she puts our suits on, hence our Slogan: “As Bold AS You


At MQSWIM we know every woman’s body tells a story, from the way she moves, her shape, the stripes on her skin that draw her story and make her as boldly beautiful as she is; and WE want to enhance that story and allow the world to see all those perfect imperfections she has making her the QUEEN she is……………..

Sexy-Girl Swim Suit


MQSWIM – “Millionaire-Queen Swimwear”

Model wears: Medium(34-36)
Height: 1.68m

Fabric: Polyester/Cotton
Color : Mexican Pink

Sexy-Girl Swim Suit